The story so far

Our story began in 1994 with our founder Megan Wynne's passion for helping others and making a difference in the world.

APM initially started by offering rehabilitation services to companies in Western Australia and has grown to become the world’s largest mission-driven human services organisation.

The APM Group now operates numerous businesses and brands from 671 locations across ten countries with a team of more than 5,000 employees.

Globally, APM teams support over 350,000 people each year to improve their lives.

We do this with programs which deliver assessment, allied health, psychology, vocational rehabilitation and employment assistance services across the key sectors of health, disability, ageing, defence, employment, justice, youth, apprenticeships, skills and training.

To date APM has assisted more than one million people.

We help people find work

APM people are highly qualified, dedicated, caring and approachable. Our personalised approach means we understand and respect your individual needs.

Through our Employment Services teams we help individuals find meaningful employment and businesses to recruit and retain a diverse and valuable workforce.

At any given time APM works with approximately 40,000 job seekers through our Disability Employment Services and jobactive contracts across Australia.

We assist people to stay in work and live more independently

Our WorkCare and Assessment Services teams are committed to understanding the needs of each individual client and delivering a personal, professional service to ensure they receive the support they need.

WorkCare works with employers and their staff to minimise the impact of injuries and illness through prevention, education, rehabilitation and training.

Assessment Services provides assessments for employers, the elderly, people who are unemployed, and people who living with injury, illness or disability.

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Our purpose is to enable better lives

As a global leader in human services, we help 350,000 improve their lives people every year.
To achieve this, we embrace the following values:

  • Integrity – we uphold the highest standard of integrity in everything we do
  • Customer focus – we deliver the highest quality of service for our customers and always look for ways to improve
  • Respect – we recognise people are our business and maintain a culture of trust and respect in every aspect of what we do
  • Empathy – we approach the challenges in people’s lives with great empathy and strive to help them overcome them
  • Achievement – we move forward by adopting new technologies, best practices, and rewarding innovation and achievement
  • Teamwork – we believe employment and being part of a team can greatly improve a person’s health and wellbeing
  • Enthusiasm – we embrace positive outcomes of change with enthusiasm to support customers and teams in our day to day lives
APM abides by relevant industry standards and accreditations and maintains these accreditations through regular independent audits.

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