If you have an injury, illness
or disability, we can help

APM is Australia’s largest provider of Disability Employment Services*

We believe everyone is capable of work. If you're living with an injury, illness or disability and want to find a job, we’re here to help.

Our experienced employment consultants understand the barriers you face, but we focus on how we can help you successfully achieve your goals.

We want to get to know you, understand where you're at and work with you to find solutions to manage or overcome your challenges. We’re interested in your abilities, your strengths and what you want to achieve.

We have been helping people find and stay in employment for more than 25 years, and we’ve seen first-hand the value and health benefits a secure job can bring. APM's Disability Employment Services can help you with:

  • Searching for work - We work with local employers across Australia who are looking for staff just like you. We know what employers are looking for and we can help prepare you for your new job.
  • Support to stay in work - If you’re employed but worried about losing your job because of an injury, illness or disability, our Work Assist program helps you and your employer access support to keep you at work.
  • Next step after school - If you’re in your final year at school with a significant disability or health condition, we'll help you access short courses for job training, work experience and job placements with local employers.
  • Workplace modifications - If you're not getting the help you need at work, we can help you access tools, equipment or workplace modifications to make your job easier.
  • Disability workplace assessments - If you’re employed with a disability, a workplace assessment can help identify what you need to make your job easier.

* APM is contracted by the Australian Government to deliver Disability Employment Services in more employment service areas than any other provider.  

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Learn more about APM's Disability Employment Services

What is Disability Employment Services?

Find out everything you need to know about APM's Disability Employment Services program.

Does APM support my health condition?

Our Disability Employment Services teams help people access the right support to manage and overcome a wide range of health and mental health challenges, which may impact their ability to find and keep a job.

Why join APM?

Learn why thousands of people across Australia join APM for Disability Employment Services every year.

What happens when you join APM

When you join APM, we'll set up your first meeting with us so you can meet your dedicated employment consultant

They are your guide to finding a job and will talk you through how we help you, how to get the most from the Disability Employment Services program and what steps you need to take next. This includes:  

  • explaining the services we provide  

  • providing you with a copy of our Service Guarantee and Code of Practice  

  • explaining your rights and obligations and prepare a job plan outlining the activities and interventions we can offer to help you get work  

  • discussing your injury, health condition, or disability and how it affects your ability to look for a job and stay at work, and how you can be supported to reduce this impact  

  • explaining how to search for a job and an initial list of appropriate job vacancies 

  • discussing local job opportunities and skill shortage areas near you 

We work in partnership with you to help you succeed.

Let’s get to work on a clear path to your next job.

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Our help doesn’t stop when you find a job

We support you and your employer for at least the first six months to make sure everything runs smoothly

We’re committed to giving you the best start in your new job. We can support you with:

  • a workplace assessment, or applying for modifications

  • help settling into the role
  • help with any confusing issues, including talking with your boss
  • strategies to overcome personal problems that might affect work
  • speaking with your support services so everyone works together 
  • linking you with health, training and community supports

Your employment consultant will take you through the supports available to make sure you don’t just find a job, but retain your employment into the future.

Get started with Disability Employment Services in 4 easy steps


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Meet your dedicated employment consultant at your nearest APM office.


Discuss your disability or health condition, and employment needs.


Your employment journey begins!

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